AIRFLOW BUMPERS: Engineered to improve oxygen intake and carrying position, all while encouraging a softer grip.

Superior to conventional bumpers.

10 Things to Consider in Evaluating Dog Training Bumpers

All dog training bumpers are not created equal. Here are the factors to take into consideration:

  1. Is it safe?

Traditional plastic training bumpers are all made from PVC, polyvinyl chloride, which contains phthalates and BPA, known to be reproductive toxins. For more detailed information please read this article.

Although the level of exposure is undetermined, why expose your dog to something that might be harmful, when a safer alternative is available?

  1. How well does it work?

Do the bumpers you currently use enhance your dog’s performance, or hinder it? A bumper designed to promote optimal performance and health is better for your dog in the long run.

  1. What value do you place on your dog’s health?

If you’re like most dog trainers and hunters, you want optimal health for your retrievers and seek out the best products and alternatives for training.

  1. What value do you place on optimal performance?

Good hunting dogs are elite athletes; just as Olympians seek out the most technically-advanced apparel and gear to optimize performance, the performance of your dogs can also be enhanced with the most technically-advanced training gear.

  1. Does technically-advanced design matter?

If you were to give Usain Bolt a pair of running cleats like those used almost 100 years ago and time his running, he’d still run faster than most people. But his time wouldn’t be as fast as it is running in modern running shoes. Superior design for athletic gear promotes optimal performance in dogs just as it does for people. The AirFlow Bumper is a patented, technologically superior design, as different from traditional bumpers as modern running shoes are from the running cleats of the 1920s.

  1. Is the bumper the most healthful for your dog?

The most healthful bumper for your dog is one that, first of all, does not contain any potentially harmful substances. Beyond that, a bumper should allow your dog to breathe freely – both for his health and his performance.

  1. What factors would your dog find important in a bumper design?

Dogs can’t talk, but we have to guess that they would appreciate anything that helps them breathe easier while they’re working. Aside from that, a bumper that’s easy to grip without a heavy bite would probably be welcome from the dog’s point of view. The AirFlow Bumper’s ridged design fits into the dog’s teeth, interlocking with them and making it easy to hold without heavy bite force.

  1. Does the bumper impede or enhance my dog’s breathing?

The AirFlow Bumper features a narrower middle, almost like a cinched waist in the center of the bumper, corresponding to the center of the dog’s mouth. The wider diameter of the ends of the bumper hold the dog’s mouth open during carry, allowing air that enters the front of the mouth to circulate around the narrower center and ultimately, allowing the dog to get more air through his mouth while carrying. This corresponds to a 90% increase in air flow – a huge advantage over the traditional, cylindrical training bumper, which occludes over 93% of the dog’s mouth.

  1. Where is the bumper made?

All, or nearly all, of the traditional plastic training bumpers available on the market are manufactured in China. The AirFlow Bumper is manufactured in the U.S., primarily for quality control, although we’re proud to support American manufacturing and American jobs by making our product in the USA.

  1. What is the bumper made of?

See #1, above. All traditional plastic training bumpers are made of PVC containing phthalates – 36% to 72% of the material is phthalates. AirFlow Bumpers are made of FDA-approved, nontoxic, food-grade plastic. In addition, it’s flexible, puncture-resistant and tasteless. The AirFlow Bumper is the ONLY plastic training bumper on the market that is 100% phthalate-free. Why risk your dog’s health when a safer, better alternative is available?

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