AIRFLOW BUMPERS: Engineered to improve oxygen intake and carrying position, all while encouraging a softer grip.

Superior to conventional bumpers.



To the uninformed, all bumpers are equal. The design has been virtually unchanged since bumpers were first introduced – a straight plastic or canvas cylinder with or without bumps for grip. But hunters and trainers appreciate the advantages that help develop a superior dog. AirFlow Bumpers are better for your dog’s athletic performance, better for proper retrieval training and better for overall health.

Based on Research

Chuck Yanke, an engineer and avid hunter, learned about an innovative new training bumper design from the Canine Performance Sciences Center in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University. Researchers there had concluded that traditional training bumpers restricted 93% of the airflow through dogs mouths – almost completely blocking the air. To address this problem, they developed a completely new design.

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Chuck bought the rights, patented the design and launched AirFlow Bumpers, committing to using only safe materials and manufacturing the product in America.

Since the beginning, the company has been focused on field-testing and the wholesale market. AirFlow Bumpers are now being used by professional trainers and will be appearing soon in the retail market.