AIRFLOW BUMPERS: Engineered to improve oxygen intake and carrying position, all while encouraging a softer grip.

Superior to conventional bumpers.

10 Things to Consider in Evaluating Dog Training Bumpers

All dog training bumpers are not created equal. Here are the factors to take into consideration: Is it safe? Traditional plastic training bumpers are all made from PVC, polyvinyl chloride, which contains phthalates and BPA, known to be reproductive toxins. For more detailed information please read this article. Although the level of exposure is undetermined, […]

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Introducing AirFlow Bumpers

If you’re a dog trainer or hunt with dogs, you’re already familiar with the bumpers or dummies used in retrieval training.  The basic design for training bumpers has remained the same ever since they were developed – a cylindrical-shaped plastic or canvas “stick” that can be filled with water or another substance to simulate the […]

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