AIRFLOW BUMPERS: Engineered to improve oxygen intake and carrying position, all while encouraging a softer grip.

Superior to conventional bumpers.


Revolutionary Design

Consider the impressive advantages that result from just a few smart design improvements:

  • The narrowed center increases? air flow by 350%.
  • The narrowed center and redesigned shape encourage dogs to naturally grab the center of the bumper.
  • The fluted design improves airflow, air enters the mouth through the sides and the front. The flutes prevent sealing by the dog’s jowls on the side of the bumper.
  • The fluted design allows easier carrying with less biting force – encouraging a softer grip.
  • Both small and large dogs can train with the same bumper.


Safe Materials

Recent news reports have shown pet products coming from China vary greatly in quality and safety. All standard bumpers are made in China. Conventional plastic bumpers are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which contains 36% to 72% phthalates – harmful chemicals that leach out. PVC has been banned from children’s toys since 2008. AirFlow Bumpers are made from a FDA- and EU-approved nontoxic food-grade plastic. This plastic is flexible, tasteless, and extremely durable, while still maintaining the proper feel and bounce.

American Manufacturing

AirFlow Bumpers are manufactured in the U.S. and are subject to U.S. health and safety regulations. Your dog’s safety is the primary reason we manufacture in America, and we are proud to support American manufacturing and American jobs.